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Summer house 2018


Summer House 2016

Summer House 2015


"Loved every minute of it! Chilled, friendly, funny, sensual, accepting, informative and - well - just beautiful in so many ways"

"Summer House, you give us the space to be ourselves truly, in all manifestations, and I feel so lucky that I'm able to join you all on this transformational journey".

"Totally wonderful weekend...the singing, the dancing, the friends, the stars, the hot tubs...the whole damn lot"

 "What a weekend. Highlights included: being serenaded by a violinist whilst in the hot tub; watching the LED hooping show with awe; dancing by the campfire and taking part in a demo workshop. But- the absolute highlight was the Lobstercle Course. I have not laughted that long or hard for years." 

"This weekend means *so* much to me, and I appreciate every single person who helped create such a warm, welcoming, safe and intimate space for me to be my authentic self."

"Blown away by all the beauty. Deeply thankful to all the team"

"Undoubtedly the most moving and transformational weekend I've ever experienced"

"Over the last few years The Summer House has been quite special for me. For me it is as much about community, authenticity and connection as much as anything else."

"I will carry the memories of SH for a long time to come...Meeting you all this weekend, I found so much beauty! Beauty in your truth, unfolding and vulnerability. Coming back to everyday life and feeling supported, I feel as if it has changed along with me. Somehow the real, authentic me is able to peep out a little more."

"Thank you all for a wonderful weekend and for creating a space that embraces learning, growing, exploring and expressing ourselves in so many beautiful ways. "

"Thank you all for making my first Summer House the most fantastic weekend of the summer you wonderful, sparkly, cheerful group of humans/unicorns/mermaids... It was an absolute joy to boil in hot tubs and lie bronzing in the sun with you all"

"Can we have the Summer House WEEK next year? I just didn't want it to end."

"What an extraordinary event with such amazing people! Despite knowing virtually no one and being size 22 and over 40, I felt totally accepted and loved and welcomed!"

"Every time I come back from The Summer House, I end up wandering around London, wondering where my cynicism has disappeared to. Unsurprisingly, this year is no different! My thanks to all you wonderful creatures for creating one of the best spaces I've ever had the pleasure of being in."

"I found my tribe this weekend: the beings, the energy, the community - the acceptance. Where I have permission to be me: my vulnerable, playful, introspective, wild, fragile, juicy, bold, embodied, authentic self. I still feel I don’t fit in a lot of the time, but that’s kind of it. For me there’s something special about the not fitting in together. Here’s to the misfits, the crazy beautiful creatures."

"I'm a bit lost for words to describe how much the last few days have meant to me. This has been as much amazing fun glitter joy explosion as it has been healing. So many interactions were milestones for me this weekend."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making this weekend such a beautiful experience... Every single one of you has contributed to one of the greatest times of my life and shared such an important part of my journey and I'm sure there will be many more to come."

"Last year we knew very few people, and I must confess to being far more comfortable cocooned in our caravan than milling with and meeting new people... Fast-forward to this year, where we were greeted by a sea of familiar faces and embraced by friends old and new. It felt like coming home… like I belonged."

"Retrospectively piecing together and discussing our many intense experiences (both inside and outside the wonderful workshops) is proving to be a healing, revelatory experience. And reading everyone's really the icing on the cake, helping to put our own experiences into the wider context of a community of inspiringly brave and authentic people. Amid such wonderful tumult, it seems almost an aside that being part of the choir resulted in me getting up on a stage for the first time since I was a teenager."

"The body positive culture nurtured at Summer House topped up my body confidence again for another year and the consent driven atmosphere let me let down the walls and embrace my whole being. Being completely yourself for a weekend is exhilarating and exhausting in equal measures. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and let go of old sadness and rekindle lost friendships was much needed and I thank you all again for facilitating that for me. Summer House you rock and I cannot wait to buy my ticket for next year!"

"Wow. What a challenging, interesting and inspiring weekend that turned out to be."

"I feel privileged and delighted that despite my bull***t boundaries and walls being ripped apart the second I crossed the threshold both years, that my vulnerability and authenticity felt safe and encouraged. I had a wonderful beautiful time all weekend. "

"This space and you people are so incredibly beautiful, honest, raw and sparkly. I’m proud I challenged myself to experience this entire weekend sober and achieved it… the clarity of every experience that I’m left with is true and blissful!"

"If I were forced to repeat a day forever à la Groundhog Day, I'd want it to be one of the Summer House days"

"For me personally this year was beautiful, a time of great healing tinged with some sadness. I return to the default world more alive and vulnerable than ever, connections that I have made into this community running ever deeper with an over-riding sense that there are so many wonderful and exciting possibilities ‘out there’ to explore."

"I have experienced a community like no other, with an incredible respect towards each other"

"I left SHW Monday morning with many new friends, connections, and a lil bit more expanse in my consciousness. I had some inklings of what to find on offer, but certainly didn't expect to go through such a journey in a just a few *short* days."

"I thank every single one of you at The Summer House for your contribution to this transformative event. I arrived on a journey of self discovery and left having learned to fly..."

"We feel so so blessed to be a part of such an amazing family, and feel so free of judgement, to be so able to be who we are and love others for who they truly are, and not who we want them to be. For yet another year we have reunited with firm friends, forged new bonds with new people, and deepened our connection to one another."

"Wow, just wow. Thank you all for making my first Summer House such an amazing experience. "

"Last year for me felt very much to be about new beginnings. This year felt more like coming home and strengthening the bonds of friendship and love I have made over the last year. So thank you for the few new friends I did connect with and to all of you for being such a wonderful group. I feel even more strongly that I have found my tribe at last and am so privileged to grow with you."

"I just wanted to say how lucky I feel for taking part on this beautiful and magical Summer House Weekend. It was my first time, I've felt so connected, everyone is open and that makes my heart shine!"

"Each year I have left Summer House with new experiences that have helped me grow. Each year I have left with a better idea of who I am and where I want to go. Each year I have left with more wonderful friends."

"It was a wonderful and adventurous experience to come to Summer House for the first time! I felt free and joyous in my body...very connected to my sensations and emotions even when they were challenging, privileged to get to know so many interesting people on their journey to self, moved by the hand fasting ceremony.... sharing our true selves with authenticity and playfulness, and absolutely stunned by the kindness, support, loving, caring aura everyone had towards each other. "

"I've never felt as liberated as I did at The Summer House."

"I had the most amazing uplifting time of my life."

"It was an incredible experience. We had a fabulous time at our first summer house, it was fun, crazy, emotional and heart opening."

"The Handfasting was a beautiful summary of what made Summer House special: the open hearted sharing, caring, tender and loving for ourselves and each other. My commitment for a year and day is to be the kind, loving, strong, vulnerable man that I can be."

"I know there’s a Winter House, but don’t you wish there was an Autumn House, and then also a Spring House, and then a House in between the seasons, and then a House between those times too, and one in-between those and … basically a House all year round."

Summer House 2014


"I can't begin to describe the amazing beautiful awesomeness of my weekend- but if you saw how much I cried during the closing ceremony I bet you can guess. Thank you, sincerely, for everyone's incredible efforts to make it happen. I am full of impress and gratitude. Plus, mermaids :) "

"Just got home from The Summer House Weekend. Had an amazing time. It is a community unlike any other. The world you have facilitated is amazing. I feel so utterly privileged to be a part of it."

"Just back from The Summer House weekend. I'm actually a little tearful to not be there anymore. It's such a wonderful, enriching and beautiful place. You've created a community where I feel as grounded and free as I'll ever be - thank you so much x

"Wonderful, challenging, interesting, tiring, invigorating, squishy, loving, fun, crazy weekend at The Summer House this weekend. Big thanks to everyone for making it happen again. Such a special event."

"Wow wow wow wow wow. Feeling so full of life and bubbling with joy in a way that I have never experienced before. Overwhelming appreciation of every single soul that sprinkled their magic and came with open hearts to share and connect. There were many beautiful moments during the weekend but one was taking in everyone's beautiful, shiny faces at the closing ceremony and feeling the energy that had been created. This energy is with me as I roll like a river through my week. Buckets of love and kindness xxx"

"Everything. Oh my god everything. The inclusion. The "welcome home" atmosphere. The workshops were incredibly useful and have seriously changed my life."

"It was wonderful, you and the team have created something truly magical." 

"Best weekend ever!  So glad I spent it with you and every single wonderful, amazing, lovely people who were there."

"Quite simply the best party I have ever been to...Being at such a wonderful open hearted accepting event felt like a wonderful home for me...Was amazing to be plugged into different communities all with respect at the top of their list. I loved the Rumpus cabaret on Saturday night. I loved the sauna and the hot tubs, the inspiring workshops and connecting with amazing people."

"I miss you all so much, I dream of the day when we can all live together in a field of glitter and mermaids. Thank you Tobias and all the wonderful and beautiful crew for creating such a magical place."

"Brilliant weekend. Put my name in for next year!"

"Thanks all, for a mind-expanding & eye-opening weekend with old friends and new acquaintances. It was also my first-ever festival/retreat-type experience, which added to the sense of dislocation and otherworldliness. I really didn't know what to expect, and arrived feeling more trepidation about an English country house than I ever get when travelling to the world's most bizarre locations. A sunset drive back into London last night felt like re-entry from orbit. The focus of a lot of the workshops on supposedly "simple" forms of intimacy, from simple touch to eye-contact to hugs, has really changed my perspective about how I interact with friends and lovers, and which I am really looking forward to pursuing more deeply. Thanks again to the organisers and trainers."

"Still in the Afterglow from THE most Wonderous Weekend full of LOVE, JOY and Playfulness at The Summer House. Although I love my bed, I did miss the natural sounds  and the radiant night light of camping out, last night. I am tremedously grateful to Tobias and the crew for putting together such an awesome celebration at The Summer House. I miss you all already! Big Hugs and kisses. Now back to 'life'......' engage shield'"

"There are no words really...the closest I can get are magical, inspirational, beautiful, heart warming, life enforcing. Thanks to all of The Summer House team for making this weekend so special. A few of my personal highlights: The mermaids, Jaz tinkling the ivories, the dual accordion battle and sing along by the fire, the ceilidh, Sunday afternoon when entertainerless in the library one person after another got up from their seat or entered the room to play piano or sing from Elton John to Beethoven the talent was truly astounding, The circus skills, the blues dancing with Tim, the lemon fight, the shamanistic ritual, the cuddle puddle and pretty much every smile and hug and conversation. Wow!"

"So much love for all of you. I don't believe words can properly express the gratitude and bliss I am continuing to feel right now. I'm going to give it a go anyway. For context, I've gone through quite a lot of life changes in the last year and have been challenged in ways I wouldn't wish on anyone....So, thanks to all of you amazing and beautiful souls, I had the best experience of my life. I was surrounded by love and acceptance and truly internalised all of the things I'd known intellectually for years. We are both infinitely flawed and infinitely beautiful creatures. I'm leaving out names because there is no way I can tag all of you. Regardless, special thanks to all of the crew and help that make this possible. Thank you for the workshops and laughter, the dancing...and ALL OF THE CUDDLES!!!!! I've seen how phenomenal life can actually be and will spend the rest of mine seeking to grow it and share it with you and anyone we can teach along the way. I have found my other half. I am now whole and complete. I don't believe that would have happened without each and every one of you."

"There was a huge amount of visible effort from many keeping the event beautiful which leads me to think that there must have been even more effort that we were not able to see"

"It's good to know we are all out there, creating these communities, tasting all these sensations, and living our lives wilder and freer each day!"

"Been home two days and The Summer House is still playing over in my mind. Had great fun flirting, cooking , joking, giving massages, and sharing the better side of me."

"Aw... the "real world" sucks! I miss my vintage caravan and I miss all my buddies!"

"The saturday night in the library....fabulous impromptu piano and wonderful people was like the novel inside my head coming to life"

"Wow. What a weekend huh? I'm pretty exhausted in my bed at home now processing all the wonderful things that happened."

"I feel like I just came back from a dreamworld of insanity:) Well will have a secret smile on my face for a while . Big thank you to everyone who made it happen. Amazing people in amazing place -couldn't ask for more:)"

"Thanks yet again for another absolutely fantastic Summer House, thanks to all those people who made our time so special with all the hugs and squishes, laughs and even tears (especially at the hand fasting!) Everything we own is full of feathers and glitter, and our hearts full of love."

"Thank you to all for the frolics and heartfulness.... what a special and magical space we created together!  We should all go and squat there all year round!"

"What a weekend indeed... I too am taking my time to process. Isn't it funny how you can be completely out of your comfort zone and then when you return to your comfort zone it isn't quite as appealing as you once thought it was?! Hmmm... much to ponder. Heaps of love to all xxxxxxx"

"Just back 'home'. Tell me - why does everyone wear such weird clothing out here in the so called 'normal world'?! We had such an amazing time this weekend and feeling rather bereft now that it's finished. Need more of this...."

"Missing all you lovely people already - thank you so much to everyone involved for creating another amazing weekend."

"Summer House is such a joyous occasion. Thank you for putting it on"

"The memories will last for longer than the glitter covering all my equipment and possessions."

"Thank you for making Summer House 2014 such a special experience. It was great to share this incredible space with you, and particularly exciting to see how busy and popular the workshops were."

"Thanks to everyone behind organising a festival that really does have something for everyone! I could go on and on. I know how much goes into organising such events, and I love Tobias and the rest of you all for doing this so, so much!"

"Cannot decide whether my aching eyes are due to woodsmoke, lack of sleep, stray glitter, happy handfasting crying, or all of the above."

"Thanks guys, now I have "buy a country house with a pool and a wood-fired hot tub" on my to-do list. As if I didn't already have enough on."

"Already sulking about the distinct lack of beautiful people and campfires in my immediate vicinity. Thank you all, especially the crew and volunteers, for such a glorious weekend."

"On the road home and might as well be travelling by cloud - utterly blissed out. Thank you all xxx"

"It was just beautiful, thank you so much"

"A hugely enjoyable weekend, fun, yet also heartfelt and tender.  You and your team really created a wonderful space.  "

"Thank you for a fabulous weekend. Opened many doors in my mind xxx"

"Days later (after continued celebrations) and I'm still warm and fuzzy, aglow with the joy of it all. Immense amounts of work, effort and heartfelt passion clearly goes into every aspect of the event, and it is so very gratefully appreciated. Only about 51 weeks to go huh? Much love xxx"

"What's with all this real world nonsense I'm supposed to deal with this week? The real world is rubbish I want to go home!"

"One big endless thank you for everyone who made this happen, there was a huge amount of visible effort from many keeping the event beautiful which leads me to think that there must have been even more effort that we were not able to see. Thank you all!

"Wow that was an amazing weekend! Thank you The Summerhouse crew. You created a spectacular space for love, exploration and growth."

"The crew and guests at The Summer House created something quite wonderful this weekend. Thank you for sharing, exploring and celebrating together, beautiful creatures. It's been a pleasure being part of it, and I've learned so much. LOVE xx"

"The Summer House Weekend was absolutely amazing...I made some really wonderful new connections and cannot wait to see you all again soon! "

Summer House 2013


"The Summer House was indeed a truly magical, uplifting, playful and safe gathering. the best atmosphere we could have wished for."

"Still trying to process just how wonderful this weekend was... I feel blissful and happy and knackered in the best way possible. Here's to the next one...please say it will be soon!"

"Like the best family reunion ever"

"What a wonderful weekend. I would like to thank everybody involved in putting this together and all the beautiful people i had the fortune to chat to....This weekend will be forever in my heart"

"Still at the venue, not in a rush to end one of the most enjoyable weekends of my life. Thanks to the 250 people who all made it feel so right"

"One of the most blissful experiences of my life"

"We had a lovely time and met some really great people. Fun, fun, fun... Thanks to all involved"

"Exhausted and about the happiest I've been for several years"

"Sitting in my hammock back home, watching the sun go down, remembering the bliss of The Summer House Weekend. Love you people."

"It was a stupendously beautiful weekend. I am looking forward forward to next year already, and I know I am far, far from the only one."

"Thanks for an amazing party, it was really special. I didn't think it could get better than last year but damn I was wrong!"

"Thanks - great job. Can we possibly have an extra day [and night!] next time...? x"

"Thank you to everyone for making me feel so welcome at my first event like this, for being so gracious and warm and open, for all the selfless and patient help with my wheels - getting me up and down stairs and all around. I was deeply moved and thought-provoked by so many conversations and connections. I have much to reflect on and absorb: the weekend has shifted how I feel about my injury, how I perceive my changed body. A beyond words experience: thank you"

"Had a blissful weekend at The Summer House and made lots of beautiful connections. Now I need to get my head into "real world" mode and get ready for work tomorrow!"

"Thank you so much for an amazing weekend in the company of friendly, creative people! Still feeling blissed out!"

"It was a fabulous venue, some really unique events and workshops to enjoy as well as wonderful people and special moments that will definitely be lasting memories."

"Thank you for an amazing weekend! We met some lovely camp buddies and already made plans for reunions"

"I just want to tell you that I had a really special time. This weekend was something unique for me. It's the first time I have really really felt at home, free, welcome and most important of all, for an insecure chap, wanted."  

"A wonderful way to celebrate birthdays AND community!! Xx"

"Thanks for one of the most wonderful and fun filled loving weekends ever. Love to you all. "

"Wow. A weekend beyond belief with an incredible group of beautiful people. So much gratitude to the team who made it all happen. xxx"

"What a fantastic weekend. Perfect setting, great atmosphere and lovely people- thanks to everyone who made it happen."

"That. Was. Amazing. Just got home and feeling more calm, warm, and relaxed than I have for a very very long time. So many smiles, so many new friends, so much fun."

"Great weekend, or the greatest weekend? #TooGoodCantCope"

"Had the very greatest time at @SummerHouseWKND. Now a bit dazed and smiley. Where’s the sauna gone? Why is everyone glum?"

"Amazing event: inspirational, creative, playful & warm. Can't wait for next event x"

"Pretty dreamy. Magical weekend."

"Verdict from @SummerHouseWKND: surreal. Beautiful. Inclusive. Daunting. Exciting."

"Such a wonderful and open minded gathering of people in a beautiful country home with luscious green rolling hills, a refreshingly cold lake for oodles of skinny dipping, the nicest hot tubs (even scented with jasmine crystals!), and fire dancers, aerialists & fireworks to top it all off. I feel very privileged to have taken part, and yes the atmosphere finally worked its magic."

"I don't know what to say about The Summer House Weekend that would do it justice. Easily one of the best weekends of my life. I left feeling both exhausted but also strangely energised."

"Such a wonderful, beautiful amazing weekend"

"An event like no other"

"It was special beyond belief"

"A very deep weekend"

"What a blinding weekend. Thank you to everyone who made it so incredible."

"We had a fantastic time and met some awesomely lovely people. Lots of fun and brilliant atmosphere"

"Thanks for the weekend. It was a fabulous venue, some really unique events and workshops to enjoy as well as wonderful people and special moments that will definitely be lasting memories."

"An utterly extraordinary experience"

"I met some wonderful people and had an interesting and fun-filled time."

"Such a wonderful weekend, I had a wonderful time and met lots of lovely new people"

"Well that was amazing! Thank you to the wonderful organisers for a fab party last night!"

"Hello lovelies! I had a glorious time with all you beautiful creatures, it felt like the best of everything all in one place thanks to all involved, lots of love and happy landing"

"Thanks for a wonderful weekend - OMG - wow. Well done to the organisers. Thanks to lots of amazing people for just people simply beautiful in lots of different ways. Hopefully see some of you again sometime."

"Thank you so much everyone for the relaxed & gorgeous weekend - the grounds & cedarwood hot tubs were spectacular. Not to mention the people!"

A weekend to roundly cherish, at the Summer House, thanks to Tobias and friends. Am floating on clouds of cotton candy and bliss, and to top it all off, have fallen in even deeper love with my Liebling. Lalalalalala *skipping through the foliage hand in hand with ridiculously happy smiles on our face

"Thank you for creating a weekend so brimming with love. I think you nudged a fair few lives in an even more positive direction this weekend, I know you did for me and for that I'll always be grateful. Thank you Tobias for bringing together the most wonderful team to create one of the best weekends of my life."

"Thank you for an astoundingly relaxed and fun-filled weekend. It was everything we could have hoped for and more. You are an organiser extraordinaire and I take my flowery hat off to you and your crew(s) and to every single guest who made this event so cherishably special, contributing to the creation of an enormously safe space and heightened state of absolute light-filled wonderment & chillaxed bliss. Ahhhhh! Sending a blast of love your way in gratitude and appreciation! "

"Tobias, you and the whole team behind Summer House Weekend really outdid yourselves! Being in such a welcoming safe space was a privilege and really helped me find pieces of myself I thought had gone missing years ago. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my fiance and I had a magical, relaxing experience"

"Thanks for a truly amazing weekend, stacked with moments of utter perfection and profound communication. Very special indeed!  Thanks to all the crew for extraordinary dedication and making it happen.  Hope you're bathing in the afterglow"

"I've been to a million festivals, parties and weekenders but rarely found such a safe, free and relaxed vibe like there was at the Summer House Weekend. It was brilliant and I'm looking forward to next year already."

"Super massive humongous well done for the Summer House Weekend...I've heard nothing but glowing comments and I had an absolutely wonderful time as well. Thank you - it's a special person that can create the event and space where such a lovely group of people can and do come together." 

Summer House 2012

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