Feedback from our 2016 events


SUmmer house 2016


"The Sparkle Hard party gave me the opportunity to dance with my boyfriend in a way I haven't danced for years. We're both a bit older, not slim etc, so I'd feel too self conscious ordinarily. But it was music I loved, how you looked/dressed didn't matter. It was such a good place, I almost cried with happiness. We had fun together feeling like kids."


"My favourite thing about the weekend was the glamping tents. I'm rubbish at basic camping, but the Bluebell tents were great."


"The environment - very safe, hugely positive and inclusive. I felt so cared for by that environment and it allowed me to really be myself."


"I loved many things but the common thread through them all is the provision of a safe, liberal environment that was nonetheless psychologically contained and 'consensually normed'. I think this must be unique or else extremely rare in the UK."


"There are too many to say! The caring attitude, clear communications, lots of emphasis on consent - probably all exemplified by the daily meeting."


"It was wonderful to share a hot tub with other queers on Sunday just as the sun came out."


"Lost Horizon. Great to have a place with constant music so I could go dance when I felt like it, a tent to chill out at, the sauna and hot tubs to combat bad weather and feeling chilly or lonely, the relaxed nudity…"


"Ultimately I am left with the feeling that we have all created a unique community at Summer House, one that embraces heart, soul, mind, spirit, sensuality, hedonism, vulnerability, pain, humour, playfulness, compassion and dance. Like many others last weekend, I know there was nowhere else on the planet that I’d rather be than enjoying this deliciously flawed and humane utopia with so many passionate, adventurous and creative beings."


"Being part of the open, inclusive, loving, friendly, consensual, sex positive, non judgemental community in all areas over the whole weekend"


"Relaxed atmosphere, chilled & kind people. Excellent running of the whole thing"


"The feeling of being able to be who I want to be and push my boundaries in a safe space."


"The cabaret in the library, on both nights, was fantastic. The atmosphere, noise-level, variety and talent was all perfect. Please feedback to those who curated these spaces that they were quite magical!"


"The people! So many lovely people."


"The amazing performances in the library. What talented singers and musicians!!!"


"I'm not sure how to describe my first wonderful Summer House experience. It was a ecstatic, heady and colour saturated tapestry of highs and wobbles, gorgeous, loving, generous and beautiful people and the chance to open my mind, heart, body and spirit within an ethos of consensual playfulness, self expression and wow! Such inspiring creativity. The cozy comfort of the big dome encased and held me in its warmth and comfort for many workshops, pod time and intimate playtimes and reminded me sometimes of being at Shambala, another place close to my heart."


"The incredible programme of activities (I wanted to do everything!) and really well pitched to suit all different types."

"The support and love of the organisers and participants. The hot tub/fire area was particularly important to my weekend being beautiful and restful."


"It has taken some time to digest all that happened at Summerhouse. Tobias thank you for your warnings that it might stir up stuff. Yes it did, but on the whole welcome and insightful. It was my/our first experience of anything sex-positive and I think has challenged me to accept myself at a deeper level. so thank you everyone who makes it happen and keeps the flame going."


"The workshops - I love the variety and I wish I could experience more of them as there is so much choice."


"As a newbie to Summer House I am deeply grateful for so many experiences to learn and be stretched….my experience in the daily meeting every day was of relentless care, inclusivity, respect, kindness, clarity, fairness, honesty, integrity, commitment fun, welcome... all under the umbrella of loving service."



"I loved the absolute random sparkliness of dancing early in the morning straight after deep meditation, snogging an inflatable t-rex, deep throating a chocolate éclair in front of an audience whilst being sung a song about cunnilingus, giggling at a glittery play-fight in the toilets and tears being soothed by Paolo Nutini and close embrace hold. Just few things that will stay with me amongst the wonder of the whole wonderful weekend. I want to be back there right now! Thank you everyone, I feel I've found my people."


"And I didn't even mention the wonderful workshops - Setting intentions, Blindfolded blues dance, Assume the position - some of my highlights along with the breath stealing Ceilidh, utterly relaxing massage, delicious gentle vegan food and the Cuddle parties xx"


"A huge thank you to Tobias and the Summer house team who worked so hard all weekend, and made my first Summer House something special I will always cherish."

"It felt like such a safe and friendly space to bounce around in a school uniform with Cuthbert and Chocolate bears. Thank you again xxxxxxxx."


"Best thing: Actually volunteering in gate duty. It was so much fun. I'd love to do it again. I felt like a part of the whole event, I made lots of new friends and met lots of people. And I really enjoyed having a purpose in the mornings when I woke up!"


"Wow what a weekend, thanks to so many people for an incredible time that were filed with ups and downs (and well, ins and outs .... stop it this is supposed to be serious)."

"Thank you to everyone who shared this amazing experience with us at Wonderlandia Hot Tubs. It was a pleasure to meet so many beautiful people in such a beautiful place as the summer house, much love."



"It was wonderful to see so many faces, familiar and new, glowing and sliding and connecting and exploring. You've brought magical energies into the space, and that's made us very happy."



"I had such a lovely time! Thank you for the tubs and the bubbles!!"


"Just a huge thanks for your incredible vision and sheer talent at bringing people together in a beautiful and intimate safe space for connection, exploration and self-discovery….. Summer House is truly a wonderful and inimitable event and I'm honoured to have been part of it. ..I'm emotionally full today, but also deeply contented, full of gratitude and joyful memories, as well as much new insight and learning to embody over the coming days, weeks and months! THANK YOU!"

"Just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks to all those who found their way to the pool party; smiling and dancing in various states of undress, and even braving the water as the sun came out for us on Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful, golden, joyous sight to behold from DJ Jamie Moon's little hut. No matter the personal experience, the unique nature of this special space is so apparent. Big respect to all those who help make it happen."


Thank you to everyone who made Summer House such a special environment, I had a truly wonderful weekend meeting people, trying new experiences, and getting my groove on in the ballroom.


Thank you for letting me BE in you again. With your community, your people and acceptance it is possible to BE in the moment like nowhere else

"Creative, sexually explorative with integrity, with both light and shadows and a community with depth, love and support for all in the diversity of their emotions and experiences. The rounded opposite of new age fluffy fluff. Sublime. Thank you to the whole team for what you have created and curated and held with such integrity, fun and kindness."


"So lovely to catch up with last year's friends over food and campfires, plus also so SO wonderful to have met so many new, intriguing and beautiful creatures. Thank you for all the connections, to those who made me feel interesting, beautiful and sexy again."


"Brilliant memories of sensual fun making pizza on people’s backs, getting creative in the sunshine, dancing in lingerie, Dr Emily's many truly astounding facts, ALL the amazing outfits, spectacular cabaret-especially Lolo's sexy crowd-teasers, turning it up to 100 on the shock collar(!), singing along with the choir, and with Dr Clive, tying the lovely lady A, super steamy rosemary fuelled sauna, hot tub decadence, laughing on the lawn, Sparkling Hard, all the hugs, and really wonderful playroom fun."


"On Saturday night I twice danced like I’ve never danced before. Summer House brought it out of me and I'm in deep gratitude for this and all it's other gifts."


"Thank you all so much for such a happy, wonderful weekend with so much space to have all the fun and all the feels and support when you need it. I fell head over heels with all the beautiful, silly souls wandering about with such big, kind, open hearts."


"Think it does everything it can. Felt really safe."


"That was SO MUCH FUN."


"The body positive safe space and culture that is created is really transformational."



"Thank you to all of you, both organisers and participants, for offering this magical space where so many journeys unfold. This is a special, SPECIAL community of people that I cannot now conceive not being a part of. I am forever grateful."


"Lying naked by the lost horizon fire was certainly one of the highlights for me."


"This was, easily the best time I've ever had at one of these events. I can't thank people enough, and I'm honestly scared to start naming people for fear of leaving folks out, there was no person at this event who I don't feel some measure of gratitude towards. Almost every single interaction I had there put some further measure of joy into an already overflowing cup."


"WOW! What an adventure! What a beautiful community of unique divine beings, merry pranksters, skilled teachers and hedonists. Never have I been in such an inclusive and diverse space, so beautifully held."


"Summer House is a place of deep intimacy, with all the feels within self and all the fleeting and not so fleeting moments with others. BIG thanks to all you beauties who provided hot tub and sauna and campfire heaven."


"I want to thank everyone for putting on a great weekend and making it really magical."


"Two weeks ago I'd never even heard of Summer house. At a random gathering of some of my dearest friends, the night before tickets closed, they convinced me to join them, and it's been the best impulse decision I've ever made….The transformation was epic, liberating and transcendent."


"Well done to all the organisers, volunteers and guests. Summerhouse was a lovey experience and I shall be taking good memories away."




"Hanging out at the hot tubs and the Lost Horizon sauna & bonfire, connecting sensually with some gorgeous creatures, being pampered by the incredible Sensation Seekers diner servers and being able there to laugh and cry and moan all at the same time, and sharing space and time in an open, non-judgmental, exploratory environment. I treasure in my heart all the tender hugs and cuddles and sensual explorations I shared with lovely people - you know who you are! The freedom of being naked, dancing by the bonfire, jamming an improvised song on Saturday night, sharing touch, hugs and pleasure most of the time with sexy consent - and it is so good to keep on stressing the important and sexiness of consent."


"This Summerhouse, as always, was an inspiring, uplifting, warming, reassuring, heartfelt event that is an absolute privilege to partake in and volunteer for."


"Thank you to friends old and new, and everyone who helps make it happen."


"Endless love and immense gratitude to everyone who makes this event happen."


"There once was a group full of grace

That sent all to a sparkly-er place

It was the shared fate

Of each initiate

To go home with a smile on their face

….And find glitter in an intimate place."


"My personal highlights included the gorgeous rendition of Love Me or Leave Me in the library on the last night, the all-singing all-dancing crowdsourced cabaret (don't think I'll ever see such a sight as that mass strip in my life) and sharing some mace related skills on the lawn in the sun in my pants this afternoon."


"Highlights from the weekend were: watching a life drawing class on the lawn in the sunshine; getting silly and giggly sliding over friends whilst all covered in olive oil; hot tub conversations; listening to a beautiful cello piece whilst lying in front of a wood-burner in a dark yurt with a new friend; feeling pride in my friends' own journeys in the past year as well as my own; feeling welcomed and wanted in a community"


"My fourth Summerhouse and my favourite one yet. This really is a special place in the world, which draws those with an open heart closer. Thank you to everyone I connected with and to everyone who helped to facilitate such a blissfully perfect weekend."


"Wow. What a weekend. So many things!! The beautiful house, the sun finally emerging, dancing naked to Toto by the fire, hot tub chats, rope on the lawn (and a flogging in a rather spooky bathroom), finding body jewels in unexpected places, naked trampolining, the wondrous cabaret, gorgeous new friends, reconnecting with so many of the luscious people I've met in the nine months since I found this glorious community... and so much more."


"Lying in bed reading and reeling over what a lovely weekend it was. I want to laugh, cry and kiss all of you all over again. I'd been feeling completely crushed over my life and career, and I feel completely buoyed by both the great supportive talks and connections I had, and I was floored by how many sweet people came up to compliment my show Saturday, especially with so many talented people themselves around. That room must have been never ending!"


"I'm home now from my first Summer House, and already making plans with my friends to return. Thanks for all the lovely company, fun parties, workshops, talks, pods and constant hard graft before, during & after. Your efforts paid off. Hope you get a well-earned rest now, all of you."


"This was my first summer house - and it was beyond anything I could have imagined! It was a wonderful spiritual journey and I'm still overwhelmed by the kindness and openness of everyone I met! Thank you for the moving and thought provoking talks, pods, workshops and performances! I love you all and I can't wait to see you again!"



"Too many fascinating, beautiful, thought provoking, meaningful, hilarious moments still swimming around in my head...but to old friends - thank you for the giggles & the endless hugs, to new friends that stopped by to admire our mirror balls at Sparkle Camp - hi!! To friends that I had conversations with in random places, such as waiting for the loo or by the fire - they meant a lot, to the friends that shared themselves performing, or reading poems, or in talks or workshops"


"What a wonderful weekend! Thank you too all. And to anyone who caught my impromptu poolside strip a special thanks for being such an appreciative audience! You are all fabulous!"


"A heartfelt thank you for the love, friendship, support, encouragement, challenge, openness, touch, warmth, space, honesty, acceptance and fun I was offered and given so beautifully over the weekend. Thank you so much to all of you leaders, volunteers, performers, teachers and participants for creating such an incredible space in which I had truly meaningful and delightful experiences while being utterly myself. Connection is my most favourite thing in the world, and I enjoyed it in abundance with so many of you."


"I'm still buzzing from the weekend. Thank you everyone who touched my heart with their sharing, kindness and honesty. The workshops and pods were great. Also, I loved performing at the Library on Saturday, and I'm really grateful for that experience. Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to do that and to people who said nice words afterwards. See you at Winter House!"


"My fourth Summer House! Amazing! And how Summer House and I have changed and grown over that time. Summer House is a magical land and how I imagined life would be when I was a child. Parties, cabaret, great outfits, and lounging with friends on sofas enjoying music, poetry and singing, in freedom and love, free love. I was quite a dreamer!"


"Thank you soooo much for for this magical weekend!"


"Hello everyone, just want to say a big thank you to Tobias and the crew for an amazing weekend, I have been to four now and this one was one of the best, each year the programme has changed and evolved to provide a brilliant space for everyone ... Roll on next year ... Can't wait!"


"Can't express how much I needed to climb into that bubble this weekend, after a few tough months, and what a revitalising experience it was. I feel alive again. Hurrah! Thanks so much to you all for your generosity of connection, you're all inspiring and ace and I feel so lucky to have met you."


"Thank you for a lovely wonderful Summer House. I loved the variety from dancing at Sparkle Hard and Morning Glory, getting a good spanking the the fungeon (thank you for the loan of handcuffs) to the beautiful calmness of the introverts recovery zone and learning new things from the wheel of consent workshop. To everyone involved in making this so special and all the lovely people I met, huge hugs, love and thanks."


Winter HOuse 2016



"Thank you to Tobias, Faerie, Santiago and the entire team for making this such an wonderful, nourishing, connected, juicy and beautifully held weekend. Loved it."


"The house and the way a few simple decorations made it so beautifully atmospheric."


"The house and grounds - as a space to connect with people, enjoy the beauty of and get away from London, it was near perfect."


"The excellent and safe space that was created in which everyone could truly relax, have a brilliant time and be themselves."


"The atmosphere and the friendliness of everyone."


"Thank you for such a beautiful, nourishing weekend. I might be shattered but my heart feels warm and fuzzy and full of skipping baby unicorns. It's such an honour and joy to be part of this community. Missing you all already. Much love, dear ones xxx"


"I loved the atmosphere; how relaxed the playroom was."


"The house, the people, the workshops, all awesome"


"Thanks Tobias and the rest of his amazing team for once again making such an amazing weekend that makes everyday life rather dull in comparison. How privileged we are to be friends, playmates and lovers, all together in a wonderful, supportive, open minded community. Now all Tobias has to do is a Spring and Autumn House!"



"I was a Winter House virgin and the behind the scenes love, invisible yet tangible, held me throughout. THANK YOU."


"The lovely open-minded friendly accepting people."



"Thank you all for a blessed weekend. There's Nothing Like This."

"Still blissed out from the weekend. Thank you so much to the team and all you housemates for being so inspiring and fun. You're a lovely bunch of coconuts x."