Winter house 2017



"Thank you to all who made our first Winter House so special! It really was an incredible experience!"


"Would just like to say it was so beautiful being back...we were very pleased we had the snow to join us, it made all the difference - such a beautiful place with an even more beautiful bunch of Winter/Summer House guests - really looking forward to seeing you all again. Much love."


"It was totally blissful hot-tubbing as the snow fell."


"Thank you so much for this amazing moment together. Never felt so good around so many people since Burning Man 2012. SafeR spaces change life and who you are, too rare, too sweet, so intense. See you next year for sure."


"Snowflakes the size of popcorn and friendship like sunshine."


"Newbies here, but we had a wonderful time and would love to return to Winter House or Summer House. Thanks all you experienced Winter House-ers for your kindness, generosity of spirit and above all for your sense of fun! Food was fantastic, supporting staff all absolutely amazing and thoughtful. Not sure how the hell we’re gonna face Monday after such a lovely dreamlike weekend!"


"What a fantastically fun weekend, thank you hugely to all who created Winter House, next year a day longer pleeeease?"


"The power of energy and healing is so apparent at the events you run. I am truly grateful for the work the team do to create these magical spaces for us all to explore."


"Incredible job crew. The whole venue smelt so good."


"Massive praise to the chefs and kitchen people, that food was SCRUMMY!"


"You did an amazing job! Thank you so much for the kindness, the delicious food, the incredible venue and organisation team!"


"Such a safe space, smiling people all around, connection (food was also AWESOME)."


"Back feeling inspired, challenged, reinvigorated, heartwarmed and very grateful. What a lovely event and a beautiful, brave and real group of people. Though stuff will certainly keep us away for a while, we will carry this community with us in our hearts and hope to meet up with you all"


"Thank you... to all you amazing creatures who have shown me that diversity is the most amazing and heart warming thing."


"Sat on the train to work having a bit of a 'back to the default world' moment. Thank you so much to everyone for such a wonderful weekend & much gratitude to all the volunteers and organisers for making it such a special event."


"Thanks all for welcoming me into your wonderful house to bash some keys and make some noises for you. What an amazing experience. I've come home a very calm and happy human."


"Hot tub in the snow!"


"Feeling totally safe and accepted."


"Omg! I just received such a lovely energy high from looking at all your lovely faces on the Winter House group photo. The power of deep connection is so incredible. I'm still processing all the gifts that so many of you gave just by your presence. Thank you so much to all the beautiful people I met, each one of you made a positive impact on my journey."


"Still high on the lurve here!"


"I arrived at this event completely shaken from the evil in the world and left with peace in my mind, body and soul."


"Thank you crew and housemates for another glorious weekend. A lovely winter bubble. Bless you and all who sail in you x"


"Profound thanks to all who made this weekend what it was. To the fantastic crew who not only were dynamic and efficient but managed to be so warm and friendly too, it felt pretty superhuman. Thank you for the divine food, to the hot tub crew (extra thanks for face glitter). Thanks for the workshop experiences, for the facilitators, for the generous help with our tent issues, for the welcome in the warm yurt, for all the connections, for the fun and play on Saturday night. It's been a rollercoaster, unsurprising I'm sure for a first timer!!"


"I am all warm and fuzzy inside having spent such a beautiful weekend with you all. Thank you WinterHousemates, it was a truly special event."