Getting to The Summer House

The House is 3.5 hours from London by train with a 20 mins shuttle from the local station. To keep the House and our guests secure we will not be publishing the venue's address in public, but guests will be sent the address in an email a week before the event. If your transport requirements make it essential for you to have more details as to the location, please contact us and we will tell you the general area.  In any case it's easy to reach whether by car or public transport.

 [Image description: an illustration of people swimming in a pool]

[Image description: an illustration of people swimming in a pool]


We will offer a direct coach service from London to the House and back closer to the date.

Leaves London 1.30pm on Thursday 17 August, returning to London from the house on Sunday 20th August at 8pm. Cheaper and more direct than booking trains & a minibus or taxi. Plus you get checked-in by our team on the coach itself.

By car

We will provide a directions page to ticketbuyers 7-10 days before the event starts. If you have legitimate reasons for needing these directions ahead of time please contact us.

For those interested in sharing their car with other guests or taking a ride from another guest, we offer a rideshare page — password available to all guests after they book tickets. Please contact us to ask for the password. We encourage guests to share cars with others to maximise the limited parking space on site — and also because it's good for the environment. 

By train

A train from London Paddington with one stop takes around 3.5 hours.

We offer a 25 minute shuttle service from the station. 

There is a taxi rank at the station.

Entry and Exit Times 

Please note that the gates to The Summer House will not be open continuously. We are strict about not allowing entry after dusk. Please pay attention to these times when making your plans.

The gates will be open at these times:

  • THURSDAY 17th AUGUST 2017 — Entrance between 16:00 and 21:00, exit until 21:00

  • FRIDAY 18th AUGUST 2017 — Entrance between 08:00 and 21:00, exit until 01:00

  • SATURDAY 19th AUGUST 2017 — Entrance between 08:00 and 19:00, exit until 03:00

  • SUNDAY 20st AUGUST 2017 — Entrance between 10:00 and 14:00, exit until 21:00

  • MONDAY 21nd AUGUST 2017 — No entrance, only exit, all out by 09:00am please