join us for the thirD winter house weekend

The Winter House Weekend embodies all the values of The Summer House but tuned to the magical qualities of the winter season.

I've found a beautiful Georgian country manor just outside London, with bedrooms to sleep most guests, a hotel 5-10 minutes away for the rest, and a camping option for those who prefer to brave the cold. A place where countryside calm meets country house party decadence. Full of historic intrigue, yet with enough charm that we can really make ourselves at home.

For some The Winter House will be a reunion, a time for nostalgia and reflection. For others it will represent the fresh  of the New Year and the greeting of spring. And it's the way for both Valentines and Anti-Valentines to celebrate the spirit of love in whatever way is meaningful to them. You are invited to join the founding family of Winter Housemates, pioneering what I intend to be a unique and special experience. Browse the links above for details of tickets, rooms, meals, workshops and entertainment.

Oh...and if you happen to recognise this venue, please keep its identity secret as it's very important for the discretion and security of the event that we don't reveal its identity.

-- Tobias