Sex Coaching and Sexological Bodywork - with Kim


Sex Coaching and Sexological Bodywork - with Kim

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Sex Coaching and Sexological Bodywork with Kim from The Pleasure Institute.

I'm a trained coach and bodyworker specialising in working with women, couples and genderqueer bodies to bring more pleasure into their lives. The journey towards more pleasure can involve overcoming trauma and shame, reconnecting to the body and showing up differently in relationship. My role is to create a non-judgmental, supportive space for this path to unfold and to provide practical tools which allow your body's wisdom to emerge.

Although my practice is very varied, here are some things I commonly work with:

Pelvic pain - including vagina and vulva pain
Boundaries and Consent
Pleasure in pre-orgasmic bodies and bodies that experience orgasm difficulties
Scar tissue remediation - I work with all types of scars including surgical scars and birth scars
Increasing pleasure in daily living and managing stress
My work is grounded in principles of consent and boundaries, trauma-awareness, awareness of structural oppression, body positivity and sex positivity. LGBTQ+ people are very welcome.  

Prices: £45 for 60mins or £60 for 90mins

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