Coaching for men with Clive


Coaching for men with Clive


Coaching For Men (or those who identify as Male)

Dr Clive Selwyn

MB BS, BSc. (Hons)


Clive is a doctor of medicine, a musician, an aerial performer and also a masculinity coach. He trained at a top London medical school and worked as a hospital doctor in the UK and Australia for 6 years. He also has a first class honours degree from King's College London.

Clive has been doing self-development and transformational work, including Tantra: Learning from some of the best teachers in the world for the last 12 years. He has been coaching men, teaching men's workshops and running men's sharing circles internationally for the last 2 years. This has given him the tools, knowledge and experience to enable him to help you. 

Utilising coaching methods such as “Co-active Coaching” and “Intuitive Coaching”, Clive uses his skills, experience and his intuition to create a safe space which will help you tap into your own inner wisdom.  His sessions are suitable for single men or those in a relationship, and are particularly useful for men who wish to learn how to better express their emotions; to cultivate more strength, sensitivity, presence, and flow; to attract more of the things that they want (and less of the things that they don’t); to deepen their relationships; to have better sex; to create a beautiful and authentic life for themselves. 

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Sessions cost £160 for a 75 minute session.


Select your chosen duration. Following from your booking, either Mary, Clive, or a member of our treatments team will make contact personally to arrange a date and time with Clive that works for you. Slots are booked first-come-first-served.

The treatments are held in the healing area, which is on the quieter side of the House, on the right as you face the entrance door.

All bookings are subject to our standard refund policy.

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