Therapeutic and sensual massage - with Jessica & D

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Therapeutic and sensual massage - with Jessica & D

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Jessica Parker - Therapeutic massage

I offer quality, customised massage therapy. My treatments incorporate a blend of remedial and holistic massage techniques specifically tailored for you. They are designed to give your body the time and space it needs to restore it to optimal levels of well-being.

Which style?
You may not be sure what type of massage you want, but you probably do know how you would like to feel afterwards. Before the session begins, we will have a consultation so that you can tell me what you would like to concentrate on, and to describe  or identify any problems or issues you may have.I'm qualified and insured for all the treatments below, I combine and adapt them individually for you.

  • Deep tissue

  • Sports and remedial

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

  • Hot stone

  • Therapeutic

  • Pregnancy

  • Scar remediation

Summerhouse price £55/hr(usually £65/hr) - longer sessions available
£30 30mins

Ebony & Ivory - Sensual massage ~ tuition 

Ebony and Ivory specialise in full body 4-hand sensual massage and tuition sessions for individuals, couples, friends.

Prolonged full bodied orgasms, warm oil, body to body gliding, female ejaculation, deep tissue flowing massage....

Ebony and Ivory delight in sharing sensual erotic experiences that will leave your entire body completely blissful.

The combination of their exquisite touch and genuine uplifting warm personalities will put you instantly at ease and awakened with full bodied arousal. 


Their passion is to guide people to experience their full pleasure potential. No pressure for you to please, no pressure to perform - just You letting go, being in the moment of relaxed sensual touch-waves. 

They are a genuine happy couple who pride themselves in being open minded, non judgmental and fun!  People naturally become relaxed, comfortable and fueled with sensual desire in their company and touch.Their 4 hand sessions are available for anyone who would like to surrender into receiving pleasure and feeling their body at a deeper level. 90mins is recommended for a 4-hand massage, 2 hrs is recommended if you would like to receive and also learn some tips on how to give a sensual massage.

Ebony & Ivory 4 Hand sensual massage  summer house price £150/hr (usually £200)
£225 1.5hrs, £300 2hrs 


They are also available for individual sensual massage sessions  

Ebony (D) is of African/American decent and hugely experienced in ancient East African sex practices including the art of female ejaculation (aKachabali). His sessions for cis women will support you into feeling your entire sensual body with safe, present, warm masculine touch.  

Ebony only -  sensual massage naturist, with option for female ejaculation (AFAB only) Summerhouse price £100/hr (usually £150/hr)
1.5hrs, £200, 2hrs £300

Ivory (Jessica) is a highly experienced erotic bodyworker and draws upon her range of qualifications within sexological bodywork, somatic sex education and scar remediation . She has vast experience with people of all genders and orientations.

Ivory only - Summerhouse price £100/hr (usually £150/hr)
1.5hrs, £200, 2hrs £300

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