Momographs - Photo Shoot with Momo


Momographs - Photo Shoot with Momo

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Momographs is a photography project and service the I’ve been running for the last few years - it embraces a body positive and intersectional approach to intimate photography.

I’ve found that a lot of sex positive people want have beautiful photos taken, where they actually feel good about themselves, in settings that they want to remember. Last year at Summer House when I offered the Momographs shoots to people, they said it was some of their favourite moments of the whole event and how special it was to have something to remember themselves by.

I had the joy of photographing a few of the Summer House attendees and they enjoyed their time and experience so much, they actually interviewed me for their zine. The interview is available here and covers a lot of ground as to who I am as a photographer: 


I am offering attendees two options for photography this time rather than just one:

  1. Super Mini Photoshoot: £70 for a 30 minute photoshoot
    Clients get 5 final edited, high res digital prints.
    Photos taken as individuals or as pairs.
    I was planning to offer only between 8 to 10 of these shoots on Thursday, Friday and Saturday day times.

  2. Play Shoots: £175 for a 60 minute photoshoot
    Clients get 10 final edited, high res digital prints
    Clients can either have simulated play or actual play during the shoot. I’m expecting these shoots to take place in the tents if it’s non simulated play.
    I was planning to offer only 2 of these shoots on Thursday, Friday and Saturday day times.

The photoshoots like last year would take place on the grounds taking advantage of all the breathtaking views and environment that we always find ourselves lucky to be in.


Following a similar methodology from last year, I would be asking clients to send me a moodboard of the artistic style they want these photos to be in, as well as the mood, atmosphere and posing that they want to try out.

I then plan a bespoke shoot for them, scouting out the locations before hand that have privacy levels enough for what the client is comfortable with. We then have a collaborative approach during the shoot and strive to create results that they want, but also incorporates the reason why they want me to photograph them: my skill and artistic style.


  1. I have considerable experience in intimate photography, kink photography, sex positive photography and boudoir portraiture.

  2. As an AFAB, non binary photographer - my approach to photography is holistic, and I have a lot of understanding of different gender identities, and sensitivities when it comes to photographing people from different identities. Queer photography is how I often label my photography services.

  3. I totally get the Summer House ethos, and embrace it wholeheartedly - I want everyone who has their photo taken to have an entirely positive experience. 

  4. The success of last years shoots was really rewarding and it totally enhances attendee experience. Here’s what people said last year about their photos:

    “Thank you so much! I LOVE them!”

    “Thanks! They're really beautiful. Thanks for a great shoot!”

    “Wow!!! We love them!  Really struggling to choose our favourites.  Also intrigued and loving the issues they raise for us - as a couple and as individuals.  Mostly, what they show so beautifully, and what we wished for, was our love for each other.  Thank you for capturing that so well.”

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