Tantric massage with Martin


Tantric massage with Martin


I have worked as a body and energy psychotherapist for over 30 years and been involved in tantra for a similar length of time. I started Transcendence in 1998 to run tantra workshop. In the last ten years I have developed my practice in tantric healing massage using  touch, breathing and sound to awaken the body and energy and clear trauma.  As a tantra practitioner I prefer to work with the polarity of energy and so I specialise in working with women.

  • Become more open, physically, emotionally and spiritually,
  • Feel good about your body, your energy your desire and your pleasure,
  • Freely enjoy sex without past experiences getting in the way,
  • Joyfully connect with all of your body's, vast stores of pleasure and bliss.
  • Move sexual energy through your body to open the heart and create  powerful experiences of illumination and bliss in your body, mind and spirit.

Session are normally 90 minutes and cost £75.


Select your chosen duration. Following from your booking, either Mary, Gemma or Martin from our treatments team will make contact personally to arrange a date and time with Martin that works for you. Slots are booked first-come-first-served.

The treatments are held in the healing area, which is on the quieter side of the House, on the right as you face the entrance door.

All bookings are subject to our standard refund policy.

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