Welcome Home!

[Image description: watercolour illustration of four people of varying body types, smiling and sitting on the edge of a pool]

[Image description: watercolour illustration of four people of varying body types, smiling and sitting on the edge of a pool]

With plenty of opportunities to learn together, dine together and play together, The Summer House (August) and The Winter House (February) are places to make meaningful and lasting connections. When you come to one our retreats you're more than just a guest: you're part of an extended family of friends-of-friends. You're home. We believe in inclusivity, respect and community-building — because we want everyone to feel equally free to participate and express themselves. 

Both the Summer House and Winter House offer a chance to escape from the city to enjoy the views and gardens of a country house. Winter is about feasting indoors and snuggling by the log fire. In the Summer guests get to camp around the grounds, swim in the pool and play outdoor games. But as the main happenings take place inside the House itself you can be guaranteed a comfortable time even if it pours with rain. Best of all the number of guests is small — so you have a good chance of meeting everyone while being sure they're not going to trample the gardens into a mudslide!

[Image descriptions: glamping bell tents in sunset; colourful flag bunting against a leafy tree; a vintage silver bullet airstream wih plastic pink flamingos in front of it; a wide shot of relaxed partygoers lounging poolside; and a silhouette of partiers with horns and ears against bright yellow and pink lights.]

Who can come to The Summer House Weekend? 


Guests over the age 18 can come provided that they stick to our code of conduct, which is designed to ensure that everyone feels welcome and safe whatever their age, gender, sexuality, disability status etc. We ask that everyone arrives and leaves accompanied by at least one friend who vouches for their behaviour and vice-versa. This is called the PAL System and is invented by Kinky Salon San Francisco and licensed under Creative Commons.

If we don't yet know you or if you haven't been sent in our direction by an existing friend we will ask you to introduce yourself so we can get to know all our guests.  For more information feel free to sign up on our mailing list.

[Image description: Quote from a 2016 guest, reading: "It was my first experience of anything sex-positive and I think it has challenged me to accept myself at a deeper level".]