Eating and Drinking at The Summer House



Our chefs will be cooking dinner each night and breakfast each morning. We can cater to vegans, vegetarians and those with specific dietary requirements such as gluten-free, if given notice. There is a meat option for an additional charge. Dinner is served on long communal tables with proper cutlery and crockery and access to the bar for drinks. All packages include breakfast the next day (Friday, Saturday and Sunday mornings only.)

You can book the dining package here, see below for this year’s menu.

Vegan Earthling

A plant-based food stall, with sweet and savory treats and gluten-free options.

Their menu is available here. 

Beats & Base Pizza Place

The Beats & Base mission is to provide guests with fresh, hot delicious food which satisfies and excites their taste buds without weighing them down in order to allow for more dancing! Options also include vegan cheese, vegan 'meats' and gluten-free pizza bases (though they will be cooked in the same oven as pizzas which contain gluten).

Read more about their menu here. (2017 version - updates to come)


Our dedicated coffee seller is returning once more to The Summer House Weekend. The Coffee Vagabond will be serving espresso, macchiato and hot / iced coffee with syrup shots, hot chocolate, tea and spiced chai. Plus toasties and cake bars for the hungry.

Read their full menu here.

Bring / cook your own food

If you are camping, either in self-camping or glamping, you are welcome to bring and cook your own food. Please bear in mind that this is a Leave No Trace event so we ask you to dispose of your food/waste rather than expecting someone else to clear it up. In the interests of safety, absolutely no open fires, bonfires or similar — a stray spark could be dangerous. Use stoves or BBQs raised well off the ground. We cannot provide refrigeration, storage or cooking facilties.

Drinks during the weekend

From juices to smoothies and alcohol, we will be taking care of drinks, serving soft drinks, healthy non-alcoholic concoctions, wine, beer, champagne, cocktails and more from our licensed bars. Free tap water will be available. Prices are comparable to events in London. 

We ask that you respect our request not to bring your own booze to the Weekend. This is for two reasons: firstly that drinks sales are the only way that we generate any income from the event, and secondly as it makes things easier from a licensing perspective. Our security will be making checks and anything above a single bottle of wine/champagne or six cans of beer/cider will be held back and given back to you at the end. Absolutely no small glass bottles or spirits.

There are no cash machines in the house or nearby. We will have a limited number of card payment PDQ / card swipers, but we recommend you also bring cash for speed.