Refund policy

This applies to all Summer House related events, except where specified.

Applies from 10 Feb 2019 onwards (previous policy applies from orders before this date.)

  • 180 days before the event: 50% refund or 100% credit

  • 90 days before the event: 25% refund or 100% credit

  • 60 days before the event: 100% credit

  • Less than 60 days before the event: no refunds or credit.

How to request a refund

  • Visit our refund request page - this will be quicker for you and more trackable for us than email.

Important notes:

  • By ordering you agree to this policy and our ticket terms & PAL system

  • Some items (eg from outside providers) will state that they are not be refundable / creditable

  • If an event changes date or is cancelled we will offer your choice of refund or credit.

  • Venues are announced between 1 & 4 weeks ahead. We do not offer refunds/credits for venue changes..

  • Your ticket is for you only, it is digital/list-based and requires ID for entry. We will cancel (and not refund) orders that are passed to others or offered anywhere including online & on social media.

  • A credit means we give you a code of that value for any event up to 365 days from the original order

  • There is no cooling-off period for tickets under UK law

  • We take 28 days after your request to process refund, the rest is up to bank/payment provider