Tickets for The Summer House and Winter House weekends are virtual. Your name will be on a guest list and your ID will be required as proof of identity. If you have changed your name / presentation / identity recently please let us know in advance so we can prepare our door team (they will be discreet!) We do not permit guests to pass their tickets on to other people — we want to know that the person who ordered is the person who is attending. 


All guests at The Summer House and Winter House must be accompanied by a PAL, you must arrive and leave together. A PAL can be anyone you know well and trust, you do not have to be partners or lovers, you can be friends or even relatives; you can have up to three PALs in one group. PAL’s act as a built-in support structure for one another but you will also be accountable for each other; if there's any sign of you straying away from our code of conduct, we will talk to both you and your PAL. Guests who arrive without a PAL, or who cannot find a PAL one week before the event, will have their tickets cancelled without refund. If you contact us using a lack of PAL as a reason for seeking a refund, we can't help you.


Like many events of this sort, our standard tickets are sold in tiers of increasing price levels. The reasons for tiered tickets are as follows:

  • It incentivises guests to book in advance, which is good for cashflow, paying deposits etc

  • Tiered tickets reward those who are most ready to commit to the event early

  • People who decide to commit later help subsidise everyone else

  • The tiers allow those guests who have more money and wish to contribute more to do so

We will alert guests via our mailing list and sometimes our Facebook , Twitter, Instagram as each tier is close to expiring. But as the expiry points of the tiers are based on budget and sales (rather than specific dates) we encourage you to book as soon as possible. 


The Summer House, Winter House and related events sell tickets designed for the buyer only. This is part of how we protect guests - by ensuring that everyone has had a chance to be exposed to our information, to participate in our community, and that everyone who arrives is doing so under their real identity. Your name will be on the guest list and matched against your photo ID. As a private event, we choose who attends - hence why our refunds policy is strict.

We encourage you to be sure you wish to attend before buying a ticket, as while we do offer refunds and credits, the closer to the event you go, the less refund we offer back. That’s because the costs of running our projects are ongoing and it creates a huge amount of labour to process refunds (not to mention that we lose the payment processing fees after a time.)

You can find our more about refunds and how to apply for them here.

The refund policy applies to those people who cannot find a PAL. It's up to you to come with a PAL.

Please do not advertise your ticket for sale anywhere - whether on Gumtree, secondary ticket platforms, our social media platforms, fetish sites, your social media channels - generally, other guests inform us and we will cancel your ticket without refund and you will be uninvited from all future events.

The refund policy applies on tickets and rooms we supply but not on items provided by external suppliers such as food, glamping or massages, which may not be exchanged/transferred/refunded at all.


For those guests who might not otherwise be able to attend — due to financial hardship, disability, chronic health conditions, significant life changes, caring or parenting and so on — we have a limited number of low income tickets for both the Summer House and Winter House weekends. If this sounds like you please visit our Access tickets page for more info and to apply.


There are no volunteer places available for The Winter House Weekend.

We have two main types of volunteer places for The Summer House Weekend:

SETUP / TAKEDOWN VOLUNTEERS work for three days in advance of the event and one day afterwards (i.e. Monday or Tuesday through to Thursday for setup, and then Monday for takedown.)  In exchange we give you free food during your work time and free entry to the event. You don't need to work Friday, Saturday or Sunday. We are currently seeking people who have already volunteered at previous Summer House events for this role.

DURING WEEKEND VOLUNTEERS are asked to work for a minimum of 16 hours across the weekend — usually four hours across each of Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You get a voucher for a food truck meal at the time of your shift. If you'd like to take one of these roles we ask that you buy a volunteer ticket. This lets us know that you are serious and committed; after you have fulfilled all your shifts we refund you the full amount. We hope this will help address previous issues with no-shows.

Please apply to be a volunteer if you are committed and capable.