All guests agree to our Code of Conduct and must arrive & leave accompanied by a friend who we call a "PAL"

In addition we have collaborated with a group of trained therapists, educators and event organisers to create a selection of guidelines around consent. The idea is to describe what is generally thought of as "best practice" within our scene, so you can know the level of behaviour we expect from guests and facilitators, and what to do if something happens you're not comfortable with. But also, we hope that these guidelines are useful in your life and relationships more generally. 

Summer House Code of Conduct and PAL System - all guests must abide by these agreements

Consent in Practice at the Summer House - designed for newcomers or regular guests

Consent Guidelines for Facilitators and Workshop Hosts - describing the standards you should expect

How to report an incident at The Summer House - explaining the process when you make a report

The Wellbeing Team - an independent, voluntary group for pastoral care & accountability