The Summer House Weekend is a space for exploration mentally and emotionally in yourself and with others. This is great, but can mean difficult emotions arise, particularly if people are trying something new. Or it could be that people might struggle with the material of some of workshops or parties. Interacting with friends old and new and immersing yourself in a community means lots of exciting possibilities and the opportunity for new connections and experiences, but sometimes there are challenges too, and we think it's helpful if the community rises to meet these by supporting one another through them.

That’s where the Wellbeing team comes in.

We will have a special area (usually a room or tent) you can go to to chill out, get some space and talk things through with a peer. We are here, any time of the day or night to be with you, and we'll do our best to support you through whatever is going on for you.

If you need someone for one of these reasons look out for the hosts wearing the pink/light-up lanyards or come by the Wellbeing space. It’s a place for people to get a  bit of a break, to regroup and to feel safe. We are also the people to contact if someone makes you feel uncomfortable in any way, or if you notice something that doesn't feel right to you. Please note we are not professional counsellors but a team of volunteers dedicated to making our community supportive and accountable.

You can also contact us on summerhousecommunity@gmail.com before and after the event with any thoughts relating to community support and wellbeing.