Low income - second half deposit


Low income - second half deposit


Deposit scheme - pay half the low income ticket now and half on 1st August. If you don't complete the second half by 1st August your ticket will be released.

This low income ticket is for you and you alone. If someone else is purchasing on your behalf please let us know. Any unexpected orders will be refunded.

The deposit scheme allows you to pay for an All Weekend Low Income ticket in two instalments.

All Weekend ticket gives one person access to The Summer House all weekend from 4pm on Thursday through to departure from the site at around 9am on Monday, including self-camping, parking, all workshops / activities / performance / parties, hot tubs, sauna and showers.

Note that by ordering a ticket you are confirming that you agree to our code of conduct including the PAL system which requires you to arrive and leave with at least one other guest who you know and trust to vouch for you. Tickets are in your name and may not be exchanged, transferred or refunded.

What's not included in this ticket: dining, glamping, treatments or transport.

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