A limited number of low income tickets are available. The tickets are available on application only and are decided on a case-by-case basis. They are intended for people in severe financial difficulties. 

Fictional examples of people who may be eligible for low-income tickets include "Taz" who has been unemployed for two years and cannot afford the ticket price; "Jem" who works a low-paid part-time job a long way out of London and has a lot of costs getting to the event; "TJ" who has had a serious illness and costs relating to the resulting disability; and "Mo" who is a single parent and can't afford to pay for both childcare and full price tickets. A reason like "I've already been on a holiday abroad this year so I can't pay for another weekend away" is unlikely to secure a low-income ticket. 

No free tickets are available: for free entry we ask that you contribute your time as a volunteer. If we run out of low income places we may offer you a volunteer place instead, so if that sounds like you, please fill out our volunteer form too.