Marti offers you her loving presence through strokes both soft and deep. Her massage awakens your life energy and brings joy and happiness to your body and soul.

You leave the session feeling relaxed, radiant and alive: your heart opened and your body fulfilled.

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About Marti

I am an active explorer in the fields of tantra, whole body massage, personal development and sexuality for the last 5 years. Recently, I have been amazed and captivated by the depth, beauty and joy of the shadows of our sexuality, which is still an integral and sad to say often not-accepted part of us. Being playful, animal and (un)restrained can be a lot of fun and I invite my clients to express those aspects of themselves too, which can bring some healing benefits.

The human body has always been a mysterious miracle for me. It awakens my interest and the chance to explore it through touch is very exciting for me. I invite you to journey to find out what is behind your ordinary excitement and pleasure, where your own as-yet-un discovered sexuality can bring you and what it feels like to fully surrender in a safely contained space of love and acceptance. 

Massage with me can be tender, soft and caring, relaxing or surprisingly dynamic, deep, energizing and sexy. It depends on you, which part of you wants to say to the world “Here I am and I want to be seen too."

Sensual kinky massage

A sensual whole body massage, which combines the flow of erotic massage with the surrender of BDSM. It is an invitation to relax, deepen your pleasure and let go. If you ever thought about trying a BDSM session, but you were unsure or afraid, this is a great place to start. So take a risk and let yourself be held in my strong, loving arms.

Our session together starts with a welcoming conversation and agreeing boundaries together. These are important parts of the massage: it is only when a safe space is set up and trust is established that you can have a deep experience of surrender. 

In the session you are welcomed to express what may not have been expressed yet and to experience what may not have been experienced yet. Here all of you can be accepted with love and care.


"My heart was filled with gratitude because you were so open and warm with me. I felt the force of your personality which was so caring and peaceful and RELAXING!! I loved the depth we got to... I have never felt so comfortable and secure." - Ken