What's On - Saturday August 17th (below info based on 2013)

The information below is based upon the 2013 line-up. It is a guide as to what you can expect to find at The Summer House but does not represent the actual programme of events. The draft programme for 2014 is in progress - read it here.

Activities taking place throughout the daytime:

Swimming in the spring-fed lake / hot tubs / wood-fired sauna from Lost Horizon / trampoline / various  massages, treatments and sessions... / various lawn games / lemon jousting and other games from  The Haberdashery Collective 

PLUS games with Teaspoon Events : Get in touch with your playful self and join Teaspoon Events in the garden for a dose of sophisticated silliness. We'll have garden games a plenty to get those competitive juices flowing, including quoits, giant jenga, kubb and swingball. Team up with friends old and new for a spiffing game of cricket. And get carried away in the act of play at the hobby horse gymkhana to win rosettes and all manner of other wonderfully silly prizes. 



To Start The Day

08:00  - Guided Mindfulness and Meditation with Damian Hopewell (60 minutes)

09:00 - Breakfast (advance booking recommended)

09:30  - Morning Glory - "an immersive morning dance experience for those who dare to start their day in style" featuring DJing, dance, massages, smoothies and coffee

11:00 onwards - massages, treatments and sessions (see Treatments page for details and booking)

11:00  - Greeting get-together - We invite all guests to join us straight after Morning Glory and before the workshops begin...hopefully on the lawn if the weather is fine, for a quick morning get-together. This will include updates such as any changes to scheduling or rooms. Plus the chance to ask any questions if needed.


11:30 - 13:00 - Morning workshops segment

Workshop A - Tuning Into Yourself - hosted by Violet - A fun no-contact exercise to get us thinking about how we can give and listen for explicit consent and how to go about identifying your personal boundaries. 

Workshop B - Tuning Into Each Other (hosted by Faerie) A workshop exploring how being present deepens any contact you have with others. Connect in a non-sexual way and get more in tune with yourself and each other

Workshop C - Cuddle Workshop  - Get connected, have fun and relax whilst enjoying some nurturing physical contact! Anna and Tom will guide you through some playful exercises, help you practice saying no (and yes) more comfortably and lead you into a deliciously chilled out zone.  Cuddling has been proven to help us feel more happy, loving, connected and relaxed - a perfect way to get the most from your Summer House experience!

Workshop D - Talk 1: a presentation on data visualisation from David McCandless of Information Is Beautiful; Talk 2: a conversation about the Balcombe anti-fracking demonstrations from poet Simon Welsh and activist Deborah Grayson

13:30 - 15:00 - Lunchtime workshops segment

Workshop A - Tuning Into Your Desires (hosted by Claire) - A workshop to help you figure out what you really want from your encounters at The Summer House. Through a series of structures we will find and express our deepest desires for this weekend. 

Workshop B - Hanky Panky Playful Spanky (hosted by Faerie) - A hands-on workshop exploring spanking and other types of impact play: doing it safely, staying connected, experiencing endorphins and giving good aftercare

Workshop C - Cancelled (sadly Vicky has had to cancel for personal reasons)

Workshop D -  Panel talk - Sexuality in 2013, featuring three noted published author/journalists and an a spokesperson from No More Page 3.... followed by a talk from Emily Dubberley, author of Garden of Desires and founder of Cliterati.


15:30 - 17:00 - Afternoon workshops segment

Workshop A - Tuning Into Energy (hosted by Malika) - A playful and gentle introduction to Tantra. Tune into the energy of yourself, another, and the group as a whole. 

Workshop B - All Tied Up (hosted by Claire) An intro to basic sensual rope bondage. This workshop starts with 'here is a piece of rope with two ends and a middle', and ends with lots of people all tied up. 

Workshop C - All Dressed Up With Somewhere To Go (co-hosted by Becca GypsyPixiePirate and Violet and Martina) - A lighthearted help-each-other-out, get-ready-in-your-lounge sesh with make-up, glitter and more. Bring whatever costume bits you have for tonight's dressup theme or if you feel like you need a bit more pimping-up, Becca will show you how to make floral accessories.

Workshop D - Laughter Yoga (hosted by Davy) - A workshop to get you laughing, breathing and connecting with the childlike part of yourself. No stretches and nothing physically strenuous, but lots of laughter just for the sake of it. Laughter yoga is good for the immune system, for creating a more positive outlook and bringing you into the moment. Guaranteed to make you smile. (A small amount of physical contact is involved but optional).


17:00 onwards - Pre-party ceremonies

17:30 - Everyone is invited to gather on the lawn - or if the weather is bad inside the main hall - for a group photo, taken from above, of all assembled guests (photo to be downloadable by guests only after the event).

18:00 - Following the group photo, we invite you to ignite your "Midsummer Night's Dream"!  We’re delighted to be joined by Tantra Queen and Mistress of Ceremonies Lynn Jackson, who will be overseeing our ‘Fuck It!’ fire ceremony. Bring an item or written note / piece of paper to represent anything you want to overcome or jettison from your life (e.g. shyness, shadows, playing small, society, parents, expectations of how you should look, fear of failure, etc.) and burn it on our ritual fire to release past conditioning and embrace everything you dream of becoming.  Allow the flames to consume and transform all that limits you, and after dark, prepare to start a whole new chapter!  

18:30 - 21:30 Dinner served (advance booking recommended)

18:45-20:15 Speed meeting: Adela (The Love Doctress)  and Catherine will guide  you through a series of  exercises -  some of them silly, some thought-provoking, all of them fun - that will help you connect authentically with others. Please turn up at the start - this is not a drop-in session - and if you came to the session yesterday, please hang back and allow other guests to enjoy today's workshop.

20:30 - Twilight ceremony - fire performance from Pyrokinesis and our community of fire performing volunteers followed by bonfire lighting. 


21:30 onwards - Party

21:30 - Cabaret / circus show, featuring:

  • Aerial performance from Lauren Taylor
  • Circus performance with Juggling on Tap
  • Live music / ceilidh from the Ceilidh Liberation Front

22:30 onwards - DJs / dancing: Annie O, DJ Jamie Moon, DJ DJ Buddhapussy, DJ Cuddles, 

The Authority For Enforced Grooming - Pop by our pop-up salon. Sit on the barber's chair. Be tightly restrained into compliance by Ms Tytania's Shibari skills. Once firmly retrained to the chair, a unisex barber will proceed to make your hair surrender to a new order of style, under her sharp scissors and cutthroat razor. (more...)


Taking place during the evening:

Tea and Sympathy area (conversation or listening); Vintage cinema; log fires; bonfire; playrooms; BDSM area; poetry/storytelling/ambient performances; Rob's Truckstop

Around the campfire/sauna

Emma Gatsby - whose musical expressions have been evolving in harmony with her experiences. Pouring her heart and soul into her song, she creates stories which have the capacity to bring tears of joy alongside lyrics imbued with fearless sensuality. She has surrendered to her words  in a convincing and unedited way and brings those words to life with passion and sensitivity. 

04:00 End