"When the heart opens..." Grief Tending in the Context of Conscious Sexuality with Sarah and Tony

In this workshop co-facilitated by Sarah and Tony Pletts you are invited to give time and space to your internal emotional landscape. We will offer gentle embodied exercises which will include some optional movement, sounding, conversation and clothed consensual touch.

“So here you are, shell cracked, with waves of pain washing over you. What do you do? Get as comfortable as you can, and see if you can learn to ride those waves instead of drowning under them. Gather up the courage to feel what you are feeling. Explore your feelings, nourish them, treasure them – they are the most essential part of you.”

The Ethical Slut, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

Access: Optional clothed consensual touch


Nudity: No

Duration: 2 hours



Sarah Pletts is a sex positive artist, conscious explorer and apprentice to grief. She is bisexual, curious about people and likes to shake skeletons from closets. She co-facilitates grief tending in community rituals and interactive projects such as The Sensation Seekers Diner and Casino of the Senses. www.loveandloss.co.uk 

Tony Pletts is a traveller and life-seeker – exploring both inner journeys of the heart and outer journeys in the world. He creatively documents his experiences in writing and photography. He co-facilitates grief tending in community rituals and interactive projects such as The Sensation Seekers Diner and Casino of the Senses. www.loveandloss.co.uk

Embodied Erotic Dance and Lapdancing

The art of the tease- but not in the polished, burlesque way. We get raw and real as we embody our erotic self through our movement and play with our inner exhibitionist, as well as our voyeurism side. Playing with the intense energy that comes with being witnessed in your erotic expression- do you feel powerful or vulnerable? Playful or dark and mysterious? Cheeky nymph or royalty? There is so much that can come up from the viewpoint of observer or dancer. 

We will go over some movements and dance styles to get us comfortable moving in our bodies, then learn some techniques for giving someone their own special lapdance. 

2 hours

Facilitator: Luna

Floored! Beginner Rigging

Floored! - Two part class - Beginner (riggers must be able to tie a single column tie and have some experience of rope)

The aim of the class is that by the end you should have some idea of the range of sexy, beautiful and torturous possibilities that floorwork brings and have the tools and approaches to explore this with partners. Through this I want to teach a little bit around body mechanics in ties.

This class will look at a selection patterns for floor ties, including some more interesting and challenging variations on well known classics. We will also look at how we can combine some of these shapes for aesthetically pleasing results as well as how we can approach the tie in a way which makes the experience of tying/being tied fun and exciting.  

SHCopy of 20180319_GZ_SHIBARI_03_19MAR18_0058.jpg

Facilitator: MnR
MnR discovered shibari in 2014 and this evolved into a love affair with ropes. He enjoys learning, practicing and connecting with different people and attends many rope workshops in the UK and abroad. Although he mostly ties, he greatly enjoys getting tied when there is an opportunity. He has been a regular at Anatomie Studio since it opened and quickly became an essential member of the studio. He has been published in Artplay Magazine and has provided rope work for videos including an award winning art installation in Oslo.

Candid Collective: Pussy Magnets

In this educational, creative and possibly very silly workshop you will create a either a penis or vulva fridge magnet using easy-to-use and colourful modelling clay.

Throughout the workshop we will give clear instructions of how to make the models, using correct language for these body parts as well as talking about all of the ways that genitals are pretty amazing! They’ll be plenty of our favourite facts about penises and vulvas as we encourage guests to think of their genitals as just another part of their body to be accepted and loved, just as they are!

Facilitator: Becky Lund-Harket

Discussion Group with Sex Club

Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation, without which there can be no meaningful societal progress. Sex Clubs are intended to break the taboos around intimacy and sexuality, by sharing knowledge and experiences, for a more fun and conscious sex life.

Sex Club a facilitated conversational space to ask & talk about what we usually don't dare to. Come to listen and share your knowledge & experience, with curiosity and in juicy detail, about sexual dynamics, myths, the vulva, the penis, the anus, orgasms, no orgasms, erection, no erection, monogamy, polyamory, spirituality, communication, menstruation, insecurities, pain, pleasure… you name it.

Facilitators: Chloe Wisdom and Juliane Mueller


The Riot Alliance

The Riot Alliance is a collection of queers who are putting together regular sexy events and not so sexy events for sex inclusive queers.

= We are committed to creating responsible, respectful and accountable spaces.

= We host events that are as accessible as possible.

= We are committed to creating queer spaces that aim to prioritise marginalised communities. Our queerness is politically radical.

= We are committed to the More Than Just Rainbows Policy.

= We are a ragtag group of riotous queers hell bent on making spaces for all of us. Join our Queer Revolution.