Be Your Own Beard - with Mr Wesley Dykes

Join Mr Wesley Dykes, your friendly neighbourhood fxckboi, for beard crafting and storytelling, as we celebrate and hold space for the weird, wonderful, and not-so-wonderful things we have gone through to be the people we are today.

Please be cognizant that this space is primarily for LGBTQI folks. Allies are more than welcome but please be aware of the space you may be taking up at any time.

Discussion Group with Sex Club

Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation, without which there can be no meaningful societal progress. Sex Clubs are intended to break the taboos around intimacy and sexuality, by sharing knowledge and experiences, for a more fun and conscious sex life.

Sex Club a facilitated conversational space to ask & talk about what we usually don't dare to. Come to listen and share your knowledge & experience, with curiosity and in juicy detail, about sexual dynamics, myths, the vulva, the penis, the anus, orgasms, no orgasms, erection, no erection, monogamy, polyamory, spirituality, communication, menstruation, insecurities, pain, pleasure… you name it.

Facilitators: Chloe Wisdom and Juliane Mueller


Breaking Up When Non-Monogamous - with Heartbreak Hotel

We live in a monogamy-centrist society that often assumes a breakup involves two people only. This panel will be exploring what heartbreak can look like in a non-monogamous context, including common emotions, practicalities and how the end of a relationship can affect polycules and metamours.

Panel discussion.

Chair: Kim Loliya

Panellists: Suky, Phopy and Chris

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