Be Your Own Beard - with Mr Wesley Dykes

Join Mr Wesley Dykes, your friendly neighbourhood fxckboi, for beard crafting and storytelling, as we celebrate and hold space for the weird, wonderful, and not-so-wonderful things we have gone through to be the people we are today.

Please be cognizant that this space is primarily for LGBTQI folks. Allies are more than welcome but please be aware of the space you may be taking up at any time.

Emotional Intimacy with Joy & Will

In this workshop we will introduce some of the foundational principles of how to work with, engage and become intimate with the emotional body

We will explore the main emotions, their energy and their corresponding sensations; the triggers that bring them to the surface and the tools techniques that allow for more conscious awareness within the emotional system.

This is a key factor in emotional intimacy with others, which is required for relating in a way that can feel both vulnerable and safe at the same time. 

We will underpin all these ideas with a grounding in embodiment and meditation practice. This will keep the ideas alive and will give space for people to feel their way through the workshop, rather that it being all about an intellectual understanding.

We will engage in partner work, in a safe and held space for people to explore their emotions, the triggers and the reactions, and explore healthy communication around this.

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