Sound Journey - with Nic, Joy & Will

Nic, Will and Joy are sound practitioners and musicians focussing on soundscapes and space holding sonic journeys. The instruments include a frame drum, didgeridoo, singing bowls, classical (nylon string) guitar, hang drum, harp, sansula, koshi bells, and crystal bowls. They will create soothing journeying sounds accompanied by voice and vocal toning. 

We will combine guided meditation and embodiment practices, such as yogic stretching and breathwork, entwined with sound to prepare the body for a deep rest and stillness.   

Nic will use tools and techniques developed within his 'Practical Enlightenment' program ( to guide people into their bodies, releasing physical and mental tension. Using guided introspection and sound to allow people to come back to a complete state of rest with ease within themselves.

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