Sound Journey - with Nic, Joy & Will

Nic, Will and Joy are sound practitioners and musicians focussing on soundscapes and space holding sonic journeys. The instruments include a frame drum, didgeridoo, singing bowls, classical (nylon string) guitar, hang drum, harp, sansula, koshi bells, and crystal bowls. They will create soothing journeying sounds accompanied by voice and vocal toning. 

We will combine guided meditation and embodiment practices, such as yogic stretching and breathwork, entwined with sound to prepare the body for a deep rest and stillness.   

Nic will use tools and techniques developed within his 'Practical Enlightenment' program ( to guide people into their bodies, releasing physical and mental tension. Using guided introspection and sound to allow people to come back to a complete state of rest with ease within themselves.

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"When the heart opens..." Grief Tending in the Context of Conscious Sexuality with Sarah and Tony

In this workshop co-facilitated by Sarah and Tony Pletts you are invited to give time and space to your internal emotional landscape. We will offer gentle embodied exercises which will include some optional movement, sounding, conversation and clothed consensual touch.

“So here you are, shell cracked, with waves of pain washing over you. What do you do? Get as comfortable as you can, and see if you can learn to ride those waves instead of drowning under them. Gather up the courage to feel what you are feeling. Explore your feelings, nourish them, treasure them – they are the most essential part of you.”

The Ethical Slut, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

Access: Optional clothed consensual touch


Nudity: No

Duration: 2 hours



Sarah Pletts is a sex positive artist, conscious explorer and apprentice to grief. She is bisexual, curious about people and likes to shake skeletons from closets. She co-facilitates grief tending in community rituals and interactive projects such as The Sensation Seekers Diner and Casino of the Senses. 

Tony Pletts is a traveller and life-seeker – exploring both inner journeys of the heart and outer journeys in the world. He creatively documents his experiences in writing and photography. He co-facilitates grief tending in community rituals and interactive projects such as The Sensation Seekers Diner and Casino of the Senses.

Be Your Own Beard - with Mr Wesley Dykes

Join Mr Wesley Dykes, your friendly neighbourhood fxckboi, for beard crafting and storytelling, as we celebrate and hold space for the weird, wonderful, and not-so-wonderful things we have gone through to be the people we are today.

Please be cognizant that this space is primarily for LGBTQI folks. Allies are more than welcome but please be aware of the space you may be taking up at any time.