Floored! Beginner Rigging

Floored! - Two part class - Beginner (riggers must be able to tie a single column tie and have some experience of rope)

The aim of the class is that by the end you should have some idea of the range of sexy, beautiful and torturous possibilities that floorwork brings and have the tools and approaches to explore this with partners. Through this I want to teach a little bit around body mechanics in ties.

This class will look at a selection patterns for floor ties, including some more interesting and challenging variations on well known classics. We will also look at how we can combine some of these shapes for aesthetically pleasing results as well as how we can approach the tie in a way which makes the experience of tying/being tied fun and exciting.  

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Facilitator: MnR
MnR discovered shibari in 2014 and this evolved into a love affair with ropes. He enjoys learning, practicing and connecting with different people and attends many rope workshops in the UK and abroad. Although he mostly ties, he greatly enjoys getting tied when there is an opportunity. He has been a regular at Anatomie Studio since it opened and quickly became an essential member of the studio. He has been published in Artplay Magazine and has provided rope work for videos including an award winning art installation in Oslo.