We have many wonderful treatments available for you to book on site. Please inquire at reception upon arrival to book your treatments.

Intuitive Healing - with Joy
Joy offers intuitive healing for those feeling stuck or in need of support, or for those wishing to deepen their experience or treat themselves. Modalities include shamanic healing, energy healing, theta healing, hypnotherapy, and sound healing. You may request a particular modality, although Joy will tune in empathically to your intention and needs and follow guidance about the most effective way to work, so don’t worry if you’re not sure!

More about Joy’s work here: 

1 hr: £70

90mins: £100 (Hypnotherapy requires minimum 90min session.)

2 hrs: £130

Sex and Relationship Coaching with Kim from The Pleasure Institute

I'm a trained coach and educator specialising in working with women, couples and genderqueer people to help them bring more pleasure into their lives. The journey towards more pleasure can involve overcoming trauma and shame, reconnecting to the body and showing up differently in relationship. My role is to create a non-judgmental, supportive space for this path to unfold and to provide practical tools which allow the body's wisdom to be seen and felt.

Although my practice is very varied, here are some things I commonly work with:

  • Helping couples explore non-monogamy

  • Pelvic pain

  • Trauma

  • Boundaries and Consent

  • Pleasure in pre-orgasmic bodies and bodies that experience orgasm difficulties

  • Increasing pleasure in daily living

  • Managing stress and increasing wellbeing

  • Overcoming body issues and cultivating self-love

  • Overcoming shame in the bedroom and beyond

My work is grounded in principles of consent and boundaries, trauma-awareness, awareness of structural oppression, body positivity and sex positivity. LGBTQ+ people are very welcome.

£45 for 60mins or £60 for 90mins

Massage and Bodywork with Katy

I offer tantra massage, intimate bodywork and shadow work sessions through conscious touch with a gentle and compassionate therapeutic approach. These transformational sessions help you to:

  • Re-learn how to relax into your body and your pleasure, and the joy and flow of life

  • Free yourself from shame, fear, guilt, pain or trauma

  • Connect more deeply with your self and others

  • Discover your softness, aliveness, creativity and eros

  • Practice more self-care and self-love

  • Be empowered to live more consciously and authentically

Specific sessions may include:

  • Yoni and Vajra healing – also referred to as genital mapping, de-armouring, massage

  • Rosetta healing – also referred to as anal mapping, de-armouring, massage

  • Pelvic expansion massage – reconnecting you with your sexual energy and cauldron of desire

  • Reichian spinal and neck massage – releasing the spine, letting go of the weight of the world and moving into flow

  • Erotic awakening through touch – permission to experience a variety of felt sensations in your physical body, connecting with and moving your sexual energy, expanding your energy body

  • Intimacy coaching and education – how to be a better lover and improve your sex life

  • Creating rituals and alchemy using sex magick – intention setting and letting go, awakening to your aliveness

Our practitioner/client relationship will begin with a short phone or face-to-face consultation followed by a session lasting 1.5 or 2 hours in total, agreed in advance.

90 minutes: £180

2 hours: £220

During your initial session, I am giving to you – you are the receiver and there is one-way only touch. This allows you to let go of the “doing mind” and relax into experiencing felt sensations in your body. I hold a safe environment with clear communication, consent and boundaries, which all contribute towards an experience free of shame, judgement or expectation.

I work intuitively and holistically, using various techniques relevant for the individual for healing and pleasure. I weave together my knowledge and experience of tantra, yoga, shamanism, meditation, breathwork, bodywork, shadow work, ecology, psychology – and life! – to be present and give from my heart. I firmly believe the gift of conscious and loving touch can help us create the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible. Through sharing my gifts and learnings, I want to help people to feel empowered and to live a more joyful and loving life, free of fear and shame.

I am an explorer and began my own journey of transformation when I realised I didn’t want to continue living a life disconnected from my body and my truth. More than a decade on, I’m not tired of exploring, sharing and learning. I believe we can each become an explorer of self, reconnecting with our inner child we may have forgotten along the way, and rediscovering our joy and lust for life. I am passionate about helping others to free themselves from their limitations – including physical, psychological and sexual issues, blockages and traumas. Something is changing in the world right now – it seems more and more people are coming to appreciate the value of freeing themselves from the constraints that have been holding them back from living a full, creative, joyful, loving and embodied life.

Energy or Bodywork - with Will 

Will offers healing sessions using a combination of his skills as a craniosacral therapist / energy healer / bodyworker, vortex healing and psychosynthesis practitioner, as well as sound healing and will be intuitively guided to meet the needs of the client. He is a trauma informed, sensitive and empathic practitioner, with years of experience and impeccable holding. 

30 mins: £35

1 hr: £70

Four Handed Massage - with Will and Joy

The experience of a four-handed healing is more than the sum of its parts, as the combined energy stemming from the symbiotic relationship and wordless communication between Will and Joy creates a unified field that can amplify the experience significantly. Both being highly sensitive empaths, they will intuit what is needed and their combine skill and experience to create the best possible healing experience for you. This is recommended if you want to pack the same punch as a very in depth healing, in a shorter time, and if you’d like to experience the attuned attention of two practitioners at once. 

1 hr: £115

Deep Tissue Massage - with Damian


An essential treatment for anyone looking to relax, recover and become free from tension.

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronic aches and pains and contracted areas such as stiff neck and upper back, low back pain, leg muscle tightness, and sore shoulders. The session is finished with Indian head massage techniques and Reiki energy exchange, ensuring a sense of lightness and balance that will last far beyond the treatment.

1 hr;:£70

2 hrs: £130

Tantric Yoni massage:

(Only accessible to those with a vagina.)

We start by establishing a connection between us, so that we might work comfortably together within the boundaries expressed by you. 

This immersive, sensual treatment combines touch, breath and energy exchange to bring healing, deep relaxation and balance to multiple areas of one's life. At the same time, there is an exploration into blissful states of pleasure, for a complete experience. By cultivating Kundalini (aka Shakti) - the energy responsible for the creative, sexual and healing aspects of our lives - we are more able to release trauma, stress and tension held within the body. This can help us experience an increased sense of harmonic peace within our internal and external environments. 

Warm oils are used in the massage, which covers the entire body; stimulating all aspects of your being, whilst helping you find a fullness and tranquillity that will stay with you beyond the treatment. 

Please note that touch of any intimate and sensitive areas will be at your consent and direction only.

The session lasts approximately 2 hours, allowing for a natural flow so that you can explore your needs, desires and hidden inner depths.

2 hrs: £130

Energy Healing - with Nic

Nic is a trained, experienced energy healing practitioner. Energy healing is incredibly effective and is an empirically studied science in the Far East. It works at a subtler level of the physical body and can bring about alignment and harmony within your energy field. It can bring about deep rest, a sense of alignment and provide an energising factor to the body. Energy work can help maintain a balanced emotional state, facilitate deep release and re-balance in the body, allowing us to feel more 'at ease' with what is happening in our lives and can create deep and lasting transformations in ourselves.

30 mins: £35

1hr: £70

Discovering Your Inner World with Amir

Amir is trained as an Internal Family Systems Therapy Practitioner, and in Vortex Energy Healing.

Parts work is a gentle way to dive deeply into yourself, resolving inner conflict and unburdening those parts of ourselves that have been ignored and exiled.  It is becoming more well known having recently been featured in the book “The Body Keeps the Score” as a very effective modality for helping trauma.  

Many people come to a greater understanding of themselves in just one session, and gain insight that may have eluded them for years.  As the work deepens an incredible inner dialogue can arise with sometimes very old trauma being released. 

Vortex Energy Healing is a particular form of holistic energy work that can be used on its own or in combination with Parts Work. 
90 mins: £70 standard or £43 low income

Morning Meditation - with Damian

As a teacher, Damien has an extensive background in martial arts. Whilst living and training in China he expanded his understanding of how we use Chi (energy), in all things we do. As a therapist of massage, hypnotherapy and Reiki, he helps others connect with their internal healing power. With a career spanning over 15 years, Damien continues to explore new ways of bringing balance to mind, body and spirit.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 16.12.54.png

Sound Journey - with Nic, Joy & Will

Nic, Will and Joy are sound practitioners and musicians focussing on soundscapes and space holding sonic journeys. The instruments include a frame drum, didgeridoo, singing bowls, classical (nylon string) guitar, hang drum, harp, sansula, koshi bells, and crystal bowls. They will create soothing journeying sounds accompanied by voice and vocal toning. 

We will combine guided meditation and embodiment practices, such as yogic stretching and breathwork, entwined with sound to prepare the body for a deep rest and stillness.   

Nic will use tools and techniques developed within his 'Practical Enlightenment' program ( to guide people into their bodies, releasing physical and mental tension. Using guided introspection and sound to allow people to come back to a complete state of rest with ease within themselves.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 16.12.54.png

"When the heart opens..." Grief Tending in the Context of Conscious Sexuality with Sarah and Tony

In this workshop co-facilitated by Sarah and Tony Pletts you are invited to give time and space to your internal emotional landscape. We will offer gentle embodied exercises which will include some optional movement, sounding, conversation and clothed consensual touch.

“So here you are, shell cracked, with waves of pain washing over you. What do you do? Get as comfortable as you can, and see if you can learn to ride those waves instead of drowning under them. Gather up the courage to feel what you are feeling. Explore your feelings, nourish them, treasure them – they are the most essential part of you.”

The Ethical Slut, Dossie Easton and Janet Hardy

Access: Optional clothed consensual touch


Nudity: No

Duration: 2 hours



Sarah Pletts is a sex positive artist, conscious explorer and apprentice to grief. She is bisexual, curious about people and likes to shake skeletons from closets. She co-facilitates grief tending in community rituals and interactive projects such as The Sensation Seekers Diner and Casino of the Senses. 

Tony Pletts is a traveller and life-seeker – exploring both inner journeys of the heart and outer journeys in the world. He creatively documents his experiences in writing and photography. He co-facilitates grief tending in community rituals and interactive projects such as The Sensation Seekers Diner and Casino of the Senses.

Chi Gung - with Damian

Chi Gung (or Qigong) is a holistic system of coordinated body posture and movement, breathing, and meditation used for the purposes of health, spirituality, and martial arts training.

When practiced, chi gung can help us to connect deeper to the life force energy of the Earth and the Universe around us. It brings peace, awareness, and a greater sense of balance in our minds, bodies & emotional state.

As a teacher, Damien has an extensive background in martial arts. Whilst living and training in China he expanded his understanding of how we use Chi (energy), in all things we do. As a therapist of massage, hypnotherapy and Reiki, he helps others connect with their internal healing power. With a career spanning over 15 years, Damien continues to explore new ways of bringing balance to mind, body and spirit.

Screenshot 2019-07-15 at 16.12.54.png

Consent & Boundaries

In this workshop we will talk about consent- how to get it, how to give it, and how to start figuring out what you really desire! We will discuss what consent means for each of us and play some fun games so we can try it out, explore what a 'Fuck yes' or a 'no' feels like in our bodies and how to go about negotiating play scenes in a safe, sexy way.

Facilitators: Luna & Sol

Embodied Erotic Dance and Lapdancing

The art of the tease- but not in the polished, burlesque way. We get raw and real as we embody our erotic self through our movement and play with our inner exhibitionist, as well as our voyeurism side. Playing with the intense energy that comes with being witnessed in your erotic expression- do you feel powerful or vulnerable? Playful or dark and mysterious? Cheeky nymph or royalty? There is so much that can come up from the viewpoint of observer or dancer. 

We will go over some movements and dance styles to get us comfortable moving in our bodies, then learn some techniques for giving someone their own special lapdance. 

2 hours

Facilitator: Luna

Floored! Beginner Rigging

Floored! - Two part class - Beginner (riggers must be able to tie a single column tie and have some experience of rope)

The aim of the class is that by the end you should have some idea of the range of sexy, beautiful and torturous possibilities that floorwork brings and have the tools and approaches to explore this with partners. Through this I want to teach a little bit around body mechanics in ties.

This class will look at a selection patterns for floor ties, including some more interesting and challenging variations on well known classics. We will also look at how we can combine some of these shapes for aesthetically pleasing results as well as how we can approach the tie in a way which makes the experience of tying/being tied fun and exciting.  

SHCopy of 20180319_GZ_SHIBARI_03_19MAR18_0058.jpg

Facilitator: MnR
MnR discovered shibari in 2014 and this evolved into a love affair with ropes. He enjoys learning, practicing and connecting with different people and attends many rope workshops in the UK and abroad. Although he mostly ties, he greatly enjoys getting tied when there is an opportunity. He has been a regular at Anatomie Studio since it opened and quickly became an essential member of the studio. He has been published in Artplay Magazine and has provided rope work for videos including an award winning art installation in Oslo.